104 PODCAST: Mari Black, World Fiddler

Mari Black is all kinds of fiddle champion. Teaching, touring and music are her daily bread. A kindred spirit to be sure. Turns out, despite our different approaches, we had a lot in common.

So last Spring, I decided to attend a folk music conference. Little did I know how much fun I was going to have. (I know, I know. When are they going to have a funk music conference?) But, The SouthEast Regional Folk Alliance in Western North Carolina was definitely a good time.

I parked the Beautiful Flying Machine outside of the very fancy hotel, and as I met fellow musicians, I would ask some out to the van for an interview. I made some new friends, got to jam with some great folks and got to take the BFM studio on its maiden flight.

My first night there, being the non-folkie that I am, I knew no one. The opening party was a buffet and square dance with a chance for all the musicians and volunteers to mingle. Once the music started this I transformed into an Amish dude on a Rumschpringe. I can't remember ever doing a proper, jig, waltz, square-dance or reel, but my guest today Mari Black, must have seen my initial consternation and dragged me out on the dance floor, which led to this interview.

We started talking Jazz fiddle which led directly to a discussion of our mutual admiration of Jazz Fiddler, Stuff Smith.

I even have a video of Mari and I jamming in the lobby of the hotel a couple of nights later. Here we are playing our version of "Gin and Juice/ Sixteen Tons"

You can find Mari's music and more about her work at www.mariblack.com

Thanks for listening, people. Enjoy!

Just one more thanks out to my good friend MASHTI, whose music I use for intros and transitions. Go follow him on SOUNDCLOUD if you like it.

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