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Return of the Beautiful

New for 2018 ... "Return Of The Beautiful."

The ever eclectic and difficult - to - pigeonhole songwriting of Lipbone, brings us tunes written in driveways, truckstops and parking lots. "Return Of The Beautiful" shows us a more personal and intimate side of Lipbone Redding. Get your limited edition, hand colored and signed companion book for "Return Of The Beautiful" at Lipbone's live show.

The Recording


All songs written and performed by

Lawrence Lipbone Redding

ã 2017 CitiZen One Music, ASCAP


Beautiful Flying Records


Recorded and produced by

Mashti (Mads Nordheim)

Refeelable Studio, Denmark


“Foot of The Goddess”

2nd version recorded and mixed by Jim Roberts

DUART Studios, Chapel Hill, NC

Chris Goplerud - drums

Mike Clairmont – bass

Mike Babyak - chaturangui

Jim Roberts - percussion


 "Return Of The Beautiful (Solo)”


“I Hear Voices (Solo)”

Recorded and Mixed by

Phil Milner

Okey Doke Studios

San Francisco, CA

You are purchasing a digital download of the album. 

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