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Lipbone workshops for kids
Lipbone workshop for kids
Lipbone workshop for kids


Exploring creativity through music is a great self-esteem builder. Encouragement from professional musicians can foster confidence and a willingness to explore hidden options in life. These are the building blocks to empowerment.  Lipbone has spent years finding out what it takes for a working artist to survive and to thrive. Giving concerts and workshops for kids and young adults is one of the many ways that Lipbone contributes to this creative heritage… and its lots of fun!

A wide variety of specialized workshops may include basics like  improvisation, vocal warmup, group vocalization, storytelling and perhaps even jamming with the Lipbone and performing onstage in front of an audience. For longer engagements, there’s instrument making with found-objects, songwriting, or a full on Junk Band. Whether it’s a group of young musicians or young folks who have never touched an instrument or played a note, a music workshop will illuminate doorways to the imagination.

All workshops can be tailored to each organization's needs, and presented on its own, or in conjunction with a performance.  Please see the PERFORMANCES page for types of shows available.

For booking and more info contact Karen Grossman - kVision Events. 310-613-2061

Introduction to Music is a song by song concert with lots of interaction with the kids.
Between songs, the Lipbone takes questions from the audience and talks about the music and instruments. Lipbone demonstrates his unusual talent and the kids get to make funny noises and sing along. This is a great workshop for a larger number of kids.


(All ages: class size - unlimited;  length: 90 minutes

This workshop is for students who are already exploring the arts or would like to gain better
knowledge and control of the voice. This workshop is based on techniques that give musicians, actors and public speakers the tools to optimize the voice.
Students explore their own vocal instruments through a series of relaxation exercises and vocal games.


Ages 15 & up;  class limit 12 students; length: 90 minutes

Improvisation is an important skill for any young person in the arts. It teaches them to take creative risks and discover hidden options. This workshop is good for young musicians who are already performing, singing or playing a musical instrument. We play improv games like call and response, improvising emotions, improvising pictures and scenes, and intervallic improvisation. In this workshop we learn to speak the language of music with one another.


Ages 12 & up;  class limit 15 students; length: 90 minutes

Instruments or some vocal experience required

The ultimate way to recycle! If there is a ready source of plastic, string, tubes and cans, then there is a symphony of sound just waiting to be heard.* Kids make their own instruments and then play them with Lipbone.  In a world of prepackaged and electronic ease, kids can discover that the power of creation is at their own fingertips. Fun, sustainability and creativity combine in this workshop!

** The supplies may be gathered and provided by the Presenter, or the kids can bring their own items, or Lipbone can lead a 'junk hunt'. A list of applicable items will be provided to Presenter at the time of booking.

A 'Junk Hunt' would require a significantly longer workshop than 90 minutes.
**The children will perform together at a live performance during the workshop and may perform with Lipbone during an additional concert, depending on the arrangement with the Presenter. The workshop and the concert are two separate events unless otherwise specified.



Ages 6-16;  class limit 12 students; length: 90+ minutes

with live performance

The clinic or master class is an excellent opportunity to glean some of the advanced and esoteric knowledge from seasoned artists. In past classes, discussions have covered everything from the nuts and bolts of the music industry, DIY record-making, and publishing to the creative and technical process of playing instruments, writing a song, and performing in a touring band.


Ages 16 & up;  class limit 15 students; length: 90 minutes