We Can Make It

Like many positive songs, this tune was conceived in a moment of crisis. Modeled on the 70s psychedelic soul sound, blending insightful uplifting lyrics, a bright chorus and jazzy solos, “We Can Make It” opens with the question: “If you could be anything that you wanted, who would you like to be?” Much like a nursery rhyme, the music  builds from a simple guitar strum and sparse notes on the piano, then over the course of 6 minutes, reaches a cosmic crescendo. Written and sung by Lipbone Redding, this song represents a new twist in his ever evolving musical voyage. The keyboard stylings of Quincy Jones lend a special authority and intricacy to the arrangement. Jasmine Best on the drums brings her tasteful and smooth flair, and William Seymour glues it all together with a tight bass groove. 


“We Can Make It” and its follow-up “Everybody” were made possible by a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council. Recorded in Greenville, NC, Lipbone Redding assembled his ensemble and crew for the recording from a talented pool of artists in Eastern North Carolina. The session was recorded at Rock Springs Recording Studio by Kyle Brone. Kyle also mixed and mastered the final tracks.  - Lipbone’s band, The Beautiful Future, is Quincy Jones on Keys, Jasmine Best on Drums, and William Seymour on Bass. Special thanks to Emerge Art Gallery.



“We Can Make It” is a testament to the time, overcoming crisis and adversity to make something beautiful. In that regard. The medium most certainly is the message.