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104 PODCAST: Mari Black, World Fiddler

November 23, 2016



Mari Black is all kinds of fiddle champion. Teaching, touring and music are her daily bread. A kindred spirit to be sure. Turns out, despite our different approaches, we had a lot in common. 


So last Spring, I decided to attend a folk music conference. Little did I know how much fun I was going to have. (I know, I know. When are they going to have a funk music conference?) But, The SouthEast Regional Folk Alliance in Western North Carolina was definitely a good time. 


I parked the Beautiful Flying Machine outside of the very fancy hotel, and as I met fellow musicians, I would ask some out to the van for an interview. I made some new friends, got to jam with some great folks and got to take the BFM studio on its maiden flight. 


My first night there, being the non-folkie that I am, I knew no one. The opening party was a buffet and square dance with a chance for all the musicians and volunteers to mingle. Once the music started this I transformed into an Amish dude on a Rumschpringe.  I can't remember ever doing a proper, jig