Runaway Snail

In 2004, Mashti and Lipbone decided to make a record in Goa, India. For  six weeks they lived In a grass shack near a coconut grove, populated by wild pigs and stray chickens along the coast of the Arabian Sea.  These two musicians from different musical worlds set off on a sonic adventure that has led to a 12 year international collaboration:  Tonefinger.


While in India, the two hired several local musicians to add spice and magic to the tracks. Recorded and mixed with the most basic digital means, the spirit of the music shines through in a way that relaxes and inspires.  Quietly released on CD in 2005, Runaway Snail is still filtering to the top of playlists of a fortunate few. After more than a decade, this album is now available for digital download. Take a listen and enjoy the journey. Namaste'.

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