One-Man Orchestra. Unplugged. Unexpected.


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"Lipbone did a fabulous job. He was wonderful with the kids, put on a great show, did a lovely job with the workshop, and was so easy to work with, charming AND professional. It was great to host him!"

--- Kelly Armor,  Education & Folk Art Director, Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA 

“Lipbone Redding turned his awesome talent up to 11 last night. As this season's only solo artist, his complex rhythms and pitch-perfect lip-boning make him sound like a full band. An annual Bandstand performer, his show did not disappoint - it never does!”
--- Michael Dellheim, Outside-In Productions / Producer of Santa Fe Bandstand

"Lipbone Redding has the uncanny ability to capture an uninitiated audience within five minutes of stepping on the stage. Usually by the end of his set people are already lining up at the merch booth wanting to meet him and buy a record." 
--- Jeffrey Liles, Talent Buyer- The Kessler Theater, Dallas

"I have worked with Lipbone in Florida, Washington and Guatemala. Each time has been a different level of excellence. Lipbone absorbs and reflects the moment, to captivate each audience as he givens them a unique experience to be recalled time and again."
--- Eric Stone, Talent Buyer

"Lipbone’s stories, wit and music were a great fit (and a big hit!) at our Ocrafolk Festival in 2016...we’re so glad to have him coming back in 2017!”
--- Gary Mitchell, Musical Director - the Ocrafolk Festival

"Lipbone's unique style of entertaining surprised and delighted us and made him an audience favorite at the Tosco Music Party. He weaves storytelling and music with an upbeat rhythm that matches his songs and had the audience singing and swaying along. Unforgettable!."

--- John Tosco, Executive Director - Tosco Music Party

"Lipbone Redding and the Lipbone Orchestra may be the most remarkable band I've seen. Playing mostly original material, the present a wonderfully entertaining and engaging show. They interact with the audience and there is a story for nearly every song. Tight, driving rhythms behind the gritty and bluesy vocals, guitar, and voice instrumentals of Mr. Redding himself - who just could be the hottest trombonist around.  Check out their recordings but see them in person if you can. You won't believe your eyes, and you won't stop smiling."

--- Jim Primock, Colorado Blues Society

""We have him play especially for dancers, at Monday Night Swing, and it has been a packed house every time. His personality is infectious and his music makes you wanna dance!"
--- Silke Maietta-Hatch and Bandi Khalsa - Monday Night Swing! Santa Fe

""I never know exactly how to describe Lipbone, so I don't.  What I can describe is how one feels during and after a Lipbone show: blissful, joyful, happy, inspired, elated, and never wanting the night to end."
--- Honey Sepeda, Talent Buyer

"Lipbone is one of the most unique musicians/entertainers that I’ve ever worked with. At times he sounds like an entire ensemble. His singing and arrangements are as good as I’ve ever heard, and are complimented by his amazing simulation of the trumpet/coronet with just his mouth, as well as his rhythmic foot & guitar work. He is, without question, one of the best one-man-shows you’ll ever see!"
--- Phil Ciganer - Towne Crier Proprietor, 1972-present & Director, World Peace Festival, Bear Mountain Festival of World Music & Dance

"Lipbone Redding always brings the party. Whether playing solo or with a band his performances are always memorable. He made last years Cherry Days festival in Paonia Colorado a very special event. He is a consummate performer, traveler, and troubadour."
--- Skip Naft, Music Coordinator - Paonia Cherry Days

"Lipbone Redding played for 3 groups of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students at my school. The students excitement was palpable as they listened to Lipbone sing, tell stories, and play great music. He also offered ample opportunities for the students to participate, teaching them his trademark trombone-lip sound technique. For the next week, the school was buzzing with a new energy. Lipbone's love for music was infectious and had us all humming, buzzing, singing, and telling stories for days. Most importantly, he validated my students sense of creativity and musical adventure. We are forever in his debt."

--- Aaron Webb, music specialist, Parley's Park Elementary School, Park City, UT

"For Lipbone Redding’s debut at the 12th edition of the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, he quickly became a crowd favorite and a big hit among his fellow guitarists at this eclectic and collaborative yearly gathering on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico.   His songwriting and rich vocals were accompanied by his, smooth, steady guitar work, foot percussion and delightfully convincing mouth “Trombone” riffs and solos.   In this unique tropical setting, his highly rhythmic style and romantic narratives on songs such as “Esmeralda” had the crowd swaying and cheering under the moon lit skies.  We hope to see him back one day soon and until then, imagine him bringing his truly unique style and vibe to music lovers all over the world."

--- Heidi Nygaard,  Zihuatenejo International Guitar Festival, Zihuatanejo, Mexico


"From New York’s subway to stages around the world, Lipbone Redding’s music stretches like a string that’s never-ending. With eight albums of tunes and a lifetime of inspiration from which to draw, the well-traveled musician features a sound that far exceeds the boundaries of Americana. Despite the lack of a band, his approach dips into jazz and blues with a New Orleans touch. Swaths of Latin America tango with occasional dollops of Asian flair and American funk. Like an international rainbow, Redding’s style reaches out to touch many a someone." 
--- Tom Netherland - Herald Courier

"We LOVED Lipbone. He was one of the best if not THE Best act of the weekend. "

--- Vicki Morese, Director, Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival, Moulton, AL 

"We just loved this guys show. He comes at you with so much talent. I thought he might be too much of a gimmic, with the lip thing, but believe me, this is no gimmic,LIPBONE Redding is a very fine writer, singer, and guitarist. His combined talents are truly amazing and entertaining. He belongs on the big stage and could please any kind of audience, anywhere. In addition to his talent, Mr. Redding is a very good communicator with the audience; funny, witty, and sincere. Book him if you can.""

--- Rick Leigh,  Producer/Talent Buyer, Madison, WI

"You play trombone with no trombone, better than some trombone players that I know. "

--- the late Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records