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Lipbone workshops for kids
Lipbone workshop for kids
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OM = Sound of Creation    Prana = Energy/Life Force.

Pranavam Das (Lawrence “Lipbone" Redding) a devotee of Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati (Advaita Vedanta) and student of Dr. V. Balaji (Benares University), has performed at ashrams and devotional centers around the world. Venues include Kripalu Yoga Center, The Omega Institute, Sivananda Yoga Centers, Arsha Vidya Gurukulum and others. A full time professional touring musician and storyteller for the past 20 years, he often leads kirtans, Sonic and Pranic meditations as a form of spiritual devotion.
Expect an evening of breathwork (pranayama), chanting, and sonic healing, followed by a deep guided meditation with live music.  

In this 90 minute workshop, we focus on the breath and empowering the voice through the chanting of Aum (Om) and other vedic mantras. Much of the class takes place on the floor so bring a mat, pillows, blanket, etc.

Om ॐ - The three phonetic components of Om (pronounced AUM) correspond to the three stages of cosmic creation, and when it is read or said, it celebrates the creative powers of the universe.

Prana प्राण -  The Sanskrit word for "life force" or "vital principle.”  According to the Vedas, Prana permeates reality on all levels and is readily utilized in the breath.

That which is flaming, which is subtler than the subtle,
on which the worlds are set, and their inhabitants –
That is the indestructible Brahman.
It is life, it is speech, it is mind. That is the real. It is immortal.
It is a mark to be penetrated. Penetrate It, my friend.

Taking as a bow the great weapon of the Upanishad,
one should put upon it an arrow sharpened by meditation,
Stretching it with a thought directed to the essence of That,
Penetrate that Imperishable as the mark, my friend.

Om is the bow, the arrow is the Soul, Brahman the mark,
By the undistracted man is It to be penetrated,
One should come to be in It,
as the arrow becomes one with the mark.
— Mundaka Upanishad, 2.2.2 – 2.2.4


For booking and more info contact Karen Grossman - kVision Events. 310-613-2061

"The OM Prana workshop was a great introduction to the Yoga of Sound. It was very welcoming to those that may have never sang aloud in public, and also was full of great info for those that have sung kirtan for years! The last half of the workshop, where we all were lead through a guided song meditation in savasana was amazing. Everyone seemed refreshed, recharged, and more calm after the experience.  I can't recommend the Om Prana workshop, and Lipbone's musical presence for Yoga classes enough!"  
                                                                                                   - Sarah Manson, Bella Vida Yoga, Jacksonville Beach, FL