Santa's Tropic Island Hideaway
(Flamingo Lounge)

Earlier this year,  when the days were longer and the nights were warmer, I went into the studio with  Quincy Jones (keys), Jasmine Best (drums), and William Seymour (bass) to record a holiday song, or should I say, THE holiday song. 
Meaning, the one and only holiday song that I have ever written. 

Back in 2016, I put out a solo acoustic version,
but I always thought it needed a slightly different treatment. More jazzy, more relaxed, complex and rich, yet simple in presentation, just like I'd always hoped the holidays should be. (At this point I could elaborate upon the stressful realities, but, nah.) 

In our session, we ended up recording two versions of “Santa’s Tropic Island Hideaway.”  This is the slower, smoother take, I'm calling "Flamingo Lounge" version.   It leaves lots of space for the holiday magic. The lyrics reveal my secret fantasy of avoiding them altogether, as I dream of frolicking in a tropical paradise. (sigh...) Sometimes this has been true. but for the past two years things have been a little different. So, it is with hope, love, and good will to all humankind, that I offer this year’s version of “Santa’s Tropic Island Hideaway.”